Why choose our cattle?


All our cows must calve every year, rejoin in a timely manner and bring an acceptable calf to weaning. Otherwise they are culled. Our cows are run in dryland  paddocks and our breeding herd is renowned as one of the most fertile in the area. 


All our bulls are externally assessed by Liam Cardile of Beef Xcel. Only those who pass this rigorous structural assessment are offered for sale as breeders or used in our herd. 

Liam assesses some of the top Angus seedstock herds in eastern Australia. 


Liam has been scanning all our young bulls and heifers for the past eight years. This allows us to make selection decisions and benchmark the progress of our cattle.


We realise the value of marbling in producing a premium eating product through our steers. Marbling is the last fat to be laid down and the first to be lost. By selecting for marbling, we are selecting for better doing cattle. Our selection for marbling has been augmented by carcass data from our steers consigned to JBS.


Our cattle are very quiet and we are particularly strict with the temperament of our bulls. 


 We run a large A.I. programme each year which provides us with the opportunity to use top Australian and overseas genetics. We also supplement our genetic progress with bull purchases. We have not purchased a Stud cow in 12 years. 


Our cows are long lived, fertile and tough. If you look after them, they will look after you. They have been bred and raised in tough environmental conditions and are adapted to the harsh Riverina climate. 
Shorthorn cow
Toogimbie Q137, by Toogimbie Mick
Shorthorn cattle
Toogimbie heifers
Toogimbie cows

Our cattle

Our cattle are some of the most phenotypically beautiful that you will find. But they are not just pretty faces!

Shorthorn cow

toogimbieTanya Q87

By Belmore Supercool

Toogimbie cows and calves

Enjoying summer!

Toogimbie Ripon

No supplementary feeding here!

Young mums to be!

Our cattle will work for you!