New bulls!

We have purchased 3 new bulls this year: Bayview Carpenter T10 from Bayview and Royston Tornado and TNT from the Royston Stud, Tasmania. These bulls will give us outcross genetics and we will look for them to be herd improvers. 


We are very pleased with the development of our 2022 heifers. We have finished our A.I. programme using a combination of Australian, American and Canadian bulls. The heifers are benefiting from our good season and are looking a picture. 

Shorthorn cattle

Time for the bulls!

With the conclusion of our heifer A.I. programme, it is now time for the bulls to pay their way. We put the back up bulls in with the heifers yesterday and all the mobs now have their quota of working bulls. All the bulls are in great nick with our late season and we hope for high positive pregnancy rates. 

Shorthorn cattle

Steers into Thousand Guineas

We were delighted to be able to consign 108 steers into the JBS Thousand Guineas intake at Prime City recently. 

The steers looked great when they were yarded. The oldest calves were only 11 months old and the top weights were heading towards 500 kgs.

Well done guys!

Toogimbie shorthorn steers for Thousand Guineas
Steers for thousand Guineas

Heifers sell on Auctions Plus

Our heifers sold on Auctions Plus on September 17th. They were keenly sought after with the 17 heavier heifers selling for S2280/head at 384.1 kgs. Overall, the heifers averaged $2064 in an excellent result. We wish their new owners all the best with them!


Once again, the Toogimbie cows exhibited very high positive pregnancy rates, at over 93%. This was in the face of yet another tough season as the rain turned off in October and did not really show itself again until the end of March. Calves weaned well and were all handled, backline and tagged before leaving the yards onto feed. The cows once again showed how resilient and tough that they are.

Merry Christmas!


We would like to wish all our friends in the Shorthorn world a Merry Christmas.

Our season has turned dry and hot here but that’s summer in this part of the world.

The mob of cattle that you see on the left were brought into the Coragulac yards last week for the calves to receive their first injection and their tags. 

I am pleased to say that there was not a bad calf in this mob of 91 cows. No calf was born before August 1st but there are now some very big calves there, with plenty of spirit! We are looking forward to marking day!

Our harvest is now done and dusted so our next big job will be calf weaning. We will wait for a cool change to start that!


Congratulations to the Shorthorn breed for its win in Australia’s most prestigious carcass competition, the Borthwick Trophy. 

The steers were bred by Meadow Vale Shorthorns and Spencer Family Shorthorns. The Spencer Family steer was prepared by Rutherglen High School while the Harris family of Meadow Vale prepared their steers. 
There were 137 teams in the competition. 

The Spencer Family steer was by Bayview Unique K11, sire of our own Bayview Becker N1. 

We have drafted up our yearling heifers and will A.I. them next week to top Shorthorn sires including Sprys X Factor and Southcote Yale. 

These heifers have had an excellent season to reach optimal joining weight and we are hoping for a positive response to the Fixed Time A.I. programme

Toogimbie heifers standing tall
Moving heifers and calves today
Moving heifers and calves today.

Our calving is nearly finished and we are delighted with our beautiful
The next big job is to draft up the A.I. heifers for the start of the program next week.

We will be putting the bulls out with the cows in late October as the cycle of life continues.