Eloora Maserati T123 (P)

At the 2024 Dubbo National Show and Sale, we purchased a new sire.

This is the white bull, Eloora Maserati T123, a son of super sire Eloora Geelong. He also has wonder cow F27 on his female side as well.

Maserati, the highest marbling bull in the Sale, was second in his class and part of the Champion Eloora team of 3 bulls.

Dion Brooks describes him as having ‘high growth and awesome carcass data’ with low birth weight of 39 kgs. Eloora have retained a semen collection in this bull. 

He has an excellent top line, good eye, 41 cm testicles and stands on great feet and legs. 

We look forward to his calves in the Toogimbie herd. 

Eloora Maserati
Eloora’s Championship team. Maserati is in the middle.